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Welcome to the Eight is Enough Fan and Information Page. Please make yourself welcome here.

The eightisenough.com has been registered by yours truly for two reasons: 1. and b.:

Furthermore, I have registered the name in order to protect the phrase "eight is enough" from internet abuse as outlined above and have every intention of maintaining the domain to be associated with a family TV show.

The original producers of the show, the distributor, and other associates of such, are invited to monitor this website (or any other such domain names) to make sure no objectionable use of it is ever utilized.

The domain name "eightisenough.com" is registered to David Tanny and is set to expire before June 2003. Should I be no longer interested in the use of this domain name by then, then any party interested in taking over the next term beginning in June 2003 should contact me as well as www.internic.net the website which handles the registration.

I have paid $70 for the use for two years and I have no intention of auctioning off the domain name, so please don't even bother.

Whoever decides to own the domain name If I should pass upon its renewal in May 2003 should associate it with the TV show and no other use or abuse as outlined above.

Everyone is encouraged to contribute to this website with any related material they can think of adding, but the webmaster has final approval as to what goes where if the submission is approved.

You may send CD-Rs for GIFs or JPEGs, text files, photocopied color photos, approved fan mail addresses, etc., to:

David Tanny, P.O. Box 19569, San Diego, CA 92159-0569

This website is put together by 100's of fans worldwide. Won't you please be one of them?

thank you for your support

David Tanny

Making Eightisenough.com Possible: Affilliates

Helping to make the existance of eightisenough.com possible (which I pay over $120 a year to maintain) are affilliate programs that you see on the right-hand side of this and many pages on my Dave's Fun Stuff website cluster. When you purchase a product from an affillate link such as Mailwasher, I get a commission based on the sale of the purchase, most of which goes back into the fund to pay for traffic, webhosting, and domain registration, none of which are free.

So when you're done perusing my easy-to-navigate eightisenough.com website or others, please feel free to purchase something from Amazon, MailWasher (which I find very useful as it helped me delete well over 90 percent of the spam that comes in before I download), some MP3 tracks of mine from the Soundclick link, or visit the paid links under the "Visit Our Partners" box to buy some music from comedy music artists that paid to get listed all over the cluster.

So far, the EiE Pictures section is generating a lot of traffic and is one of the most popular of the three EiE sections.

And if you have any questions or comments, you can find the "Contact" page on the top and bottom of every page, so there's no need to rummage around the site to find it.

A shout-out to my unnamed partners for the excellent job they did to help me design the website hierarchy to make the navigation more fun to explore as past designs proved to be too much sloppy and updating the site was a hassle. We wrote a databank file to store all of the pages, use this 0800.htm page as a template, and a PowerBasic program to create a webpage using the files in the databank and formatted using the template, resulting in a website that I can more easily manage and update with efficiency.

Official stars of Eight is Enough are eligible to get linked for free from the website under the "Related Links" box, but so far to date, only the 10-year-old bettybuckley.com website is active. As soon as you create one, let me know and I'll send some fans your way, but please consider using the 1&1 affillate link right here to get your own domain and for webhosting in one package for a low price, cheaper than you think, and your private address withheld from the Whois query for an additional fee.

Thank you much for your support.

Eight is Enough Awards

Emmy Awards

In 1978, Nominated for an Emmy, Outstanding Film Editing in a Drama Series: David Blangsted, Howard Terrill, for episode "Yes, Nicholas... There Is A Santa Claus".
In 1978, Nominated for an Emmy, Outstanding Single Performance by a Supporting Actor in a Comedy or Drama Series, Will Geer, for episode "Yes, Nicholas... There is a Santa Claus". [Posthumously.]

People's Choice Awards

In 1978, Won a People's Choice Award for Favorite New TV Dramatic Program and Favorite Overall New TV Program

TV Land Awards

In 2004, Nominated for a TV Land Award, Favorite Teen Dream - Male Willie Aames

Young Artist Awards

In 1982, Nominated for a Young Artist Award, Best Young Actor in a Television Special, Ralph Macchio
In 1981, Won a Young Artist Award, Best TV Series for Family Entertainment, and Best Young Actor in a Television Series: Adam Rich
In 1981, Nominated for a Young Artist Award, Best Young Comedian, Adam Rich
In 1980, Won a Young Artist Award, Best Juvenile Actor in a TV Series or Special: Adam Rich and Best TV Series or Special Featuring Youth
In 1980, Nominated for a Young Artist Award, Best Juvenile Actor in a TV Series or Special: Willie Aames

Entertainment Weekly Review

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: WHAT TO SURF | The Eight Is Enough Page Oct 8, 1999

What To Surf: The Eight is Enough Page

See the site

The Bradford exchange of a different sort -- this fansite offers arcana on all things Tom, Abby, David, Mary, et al

Abe Vigoda, Robin Williams, and Rosanna Arquette? All guest stars. Mark Hamill? Played eldest son David in the pilot. And what's Betty Buckley (above) -- a.k.a. step-mom Abby -- up to? (Appearing in the 1999 film ''Simply Irresistible,'' among other things.) Yes, David Tanny has all your ''EIE'' answers, from episode guides to cast bios. He also, bless him, offers a game of cast-photo Concentration, a Jumble using magic words like ''Sacramento'' -- and an eBay alert for show memorabilia, like a swimsuit shot of Willie Aames in ''Battle of the Network Stars''. It's enough to fill your life with love.

Grade: A

-- Gillian Flynn

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