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Notable Guests

Notable Guests on Eight is Enough

  1. In one of the early (first season) episodes, Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin on "General Hospital" and "Port Charles") had a bit part (uncredited in the closing credits, he may not have had a speaking part) in an episode featuring a football game between the Bradfords and some other family (he was on the other team).
  2. In "A Hair of the Dog", Danny Bonaduce was in it. Danny played Danny in The Partridge Family and had his own talk show in the 90s for one year. Also, Eric Olson was in it; he was a regular in Apple's Way and Swiss Family Robinson.
  3. In "A Little Triangle", Keith Mitchell played Vincent. Keith played Jeffrey Burton in The Waltons.
  4. In "A Matter of Mentors", Monte Markham played Michael Hayes. Monte was Dallas' Clint Ogden, Baywatch's Capt. Don Thorpe and Melrose Place's John Parker. Also in it had Don Matheson as Robert Decker; Don was Mark Wilson in Land of the Giants. Also, Larry Breeding played Gary. He was a regular in Who's Watching the Kids and died in 1982.
  5. In "All the Vice-President's Men", Dennis Patrick guested. He was Dallas' Vaughn Leland and in the soap Rituals and in the legendary soap opera Dark Shadows.
  6. In "All's Fair in Love and War", Dorian Harewood played Richard Connors; Dorian was Roots' Simon, Strike Force, Trauma Center, Glitter, Capitol Critters, Trials of Rosie O'Neill's Hank Mitchell, Viper's Julian Wilkes.
  7. In "And Baby Makes Nine", notable guests were The New York Mets members Ray Burris, John Stearns, Pat Zachry, Ron Hodges, Doug Flynn, Steve Henderson, Neil Allen, and Joel Youngblood. Also, Noah Hathaway played Jerry. Plus, Jeffrey Byron played Elizabeth's boyfriend Jack. He currently plays a recurring character, Dr. Mark Boardman on "Port Charles, " the "General Hospital" spin-off. He's also the real-life son of Anna Lee, who plays Lila Quartermaine on GH.
  8. In "Arrivals", Bruce Solomon played Andre. Bruce was a regular in Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman.
  9. In "Best of Friends", Rosanna Arquette played Lori Welch. Rosanna starred in "Desparately Seeking Susan" with Madonna. Also, sisters Tracey Gold and Missy Gold played Tracey and Missy Appleton respectively. Tracey was Carol Seaver in Growing Pains, and Missy was Katie Gatling in Benson.
  10. In "Big Shoes, Little Feat" and several more episodes, James Karen returned as Elliott Randolph.
  11. In "Bradford Vs. Bradford", Stoney Jackson played Darren. Stoney was The White Shadow's Jesse B. Mitchell and 227's Travis Filmore.
  12. In "Bradfordgate", Jack Riley played Joe Roth. Jack played Elliott Carlin in The Bob Newhart Show.
  13. In "Brotherhood, Sisterhood" and "Seven More Days in February", Shawn Stevens played Jack Binder. Shawn was seen in The Last Convertable miniseries, also in soaps "Days of Our Lives" and "Search for Tomorrow" plus "CHiPs" and some other TV work (thanks to Patty for the update)
  14. In "Children of the Groom", Sylvia Sidney and Dennis Patrick were in it. Also, Richard Kline played Mr. Corelli; Kline was Three's Company's Larry Dallas, It's a Living's Richie Gray, Bold and the Beautiful's Dr. Benson.
  15. In "Cinderella's Understudy", Barry Van Dyke guested. Barry was in The Harvey Korman Show, played Battlestar Galactica's Lt. Dillon, in The Redd Foxx Show, Airwolf's St. John Hawke, and Diagnosis Murder's Lt. Steve Sloan. He is Dick's son. Also, Richard Cox, another guest, is a soap opera actor in Loving and Guiding Light. Furthermore, Hope Alexander-Willis playing Diana went on to be a regular in the New WKRP in Cincinnatti. And Earl Boen played It's a Living's Dennis the chef, Mr. President's Dave, and The Young & the Restless' Lawrence.
  16. In "Cops and Toddlers", Corey Feldman guested. Corey's credits include Stand by Me, Goonies, The Bad News Bears, Madame's Place's Buzzy, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Donatello, Dweebs' Vic.
  17. In "Father Knows Best", Michael Talbott played Ozzie. Michael played Det. Stan Switek in Miami Vice.
  18. In "Fathers and Other Strangers", David Wayne played Matt. David played the Mad Hatter in Batman, Willard "Digger" Barnes in Dallas, and a regular in House Calls. He died in 1995
  19. In "Generations", Laurence Lau played Larry. Laurence played Greg Nelson in All My Children.
  20. In "Idolbreaker", Laura Johnson played Melanie and Bonnie Bartlett played Mrs. Gregory. Laura was a regular in Falcon Crest and Bonnie was Little House's Grace and St. Elsewhere's Mrs. Ellen Craig.
  21. In "Inlaws and Outlaws", Dennis Patrick played Harry.
  22. In "Is There a Doctor in the House?", Beth Howland was in it. Beth played Vera in Alice.
  23. In "Jeremy", Bubba Smith played Ned Naughton. Bubba's credits: NFL for the Colts, Raiders, and the Oilers Blue Thunder's Lyman Bubba Kelsey, and other stuff.
  24. In "Just the Ten Of Us", Keene Curtis played Reverend Mayberry. He was a regular in some short-lived TV series.
  25. In "Letter to One Bradford", John Lone played Chang. Lone is a movie actor.
  26. In "Marriage and Other Flights of Fancy", Noah Beery Jr. played Dutch. Noah played Joseph "Rocky" Rockford in The Rockford Files. He died in 1994. Also, Catherine Hickland played Vicki. Catherine was in soaps such as Texas, Capitol, and Loving/The City, and was married to David Hasselhoff of Baywatch, now to Michael E. Knight of All My Children. She currently plays Lindsay Buchanan on One Life to Live.
  27. In "Mary, He's Married", Peter Horton played Marty. Peter played Gary Shepherd in thirtysomething.
  28. In "Memories", Christopher Connelly played Paul. Chris was in Peyton Place. He died in 1988. Also, Nels Van Patten played the bellhop. Nels is Dick Van Patten's son.
  29. In "Mortgage Burnin' Blues", Gerald McRaney was in it. Gerald was the star of Major Dad.
  30. In "Mother's Rule", Peter Horton played Eric. Peter's credits include Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, thirtysomething's Gary Shepherd, Murder She Wrote's Grady Fletcher. He is Michelle Pfeiffer's ex-.
  31. In "Moving Out", Nels Van Patten played Danny Wise. Nels is Dick's eldest son.
  32. In "My Son, The Prom Queen", Amy Gibson played Charlotte and Melody Thomas as Hostess. Amy was in several soap operas, and Melody plays Nikki Newman Abbott in The Young and The Restless.
  33. In "Official Positions", Veronica Redd plaued Mrs. Andrews. She is now known as Veronica Redd-Forrest and played Mamie Johnson on The Young and the Restless. Also, Stoney Jackson played Darren. Stoney's credits include The White Shadow's Jesse B. Mitchell and 227's Travis Filmore; looks like Prince! Janis Paige was Auntie V once again.
  34. In "Pieces of Eight", James B. Sikking played Mr. French (as in Family Affair?). James credits was General Hospital's Dr. Jim Hobart 73-76, Hill St. Blues' Lt. Howard Hunter, and Doogie Howser M.D.'s Dr. David Howser.
  35. In "Roll Over Bradford", Dana Elcar as Ben, and Michele Greene as Jill (also in more episodes). Dana was Peter Thornton in MacGyver and Michele was Abby Perkins in L.A. Law.
  36. In "Schusboomer", Ellen Travolta played Dr. Abbott. Ellen is John's sister.
  37. In "Semi-Centennial Bradford", John Crawford played Paul Armstrong. John played Sheriff Ep Bridges in The Waltons.
  38. In "Separate Ways", Jonathan Frakes played Chapper, a baseball friend of Merle. Jonathan later appeared in the TV series as Paper Dolls, Bare Essence and the miniseries North and South, the latter two where he met and married beautiful soap ingenue Genie Francis (Laura on General Hospital), and became Captain Picard's commander William Riker, aka Number One on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
  39. In "Seven Days in February", Stephanie Kramer was a guest. Stephanie starred in "We Got It Made" for a season, then the entire run of "Hunter" as Det. Sgt. Dee Dee McCall.
  40. In "Seven More Days in February", Joe Regalbuto played Wayne, Mary's date. Joe was in The Associates, was Knots Landing's Harry Fisher, Street Hawk, and Murphy Brown's Frank Fontana. Also, Shawn Stevens played Jack.
  41. In "Starting Over", Don Matheson returned as Ross and Joel Brooks played Bennett. Joel was in several other series.
  42. In "Strike", Richard Paul played Chuck. Paul was a regular in Carter Country.
  43. In "Ten Ships in the Night", Julia Duffy played Cindy. Julia was Stephanie Vanderkellen in Newhart, plus Designing Women and The Mommies.
  44. In "The Best Little Telethon in Sacramento", Margaret Ladd played Carolyn. Margaret played Emma Channing in Falcon Crest.
  45. In "The Better Part of Valor", Richard Herd played George McArthur. Richard's roles include TJ Hooker's Capt. Dennis Sheridan and V's John. Also, James Cromwell played Coach Pollard. James's credits include All in the Family's Stretch Cunningham, Hot L Baltimore, Easy Street's Quentin, The Nancy Walker Show, and the movie Babe. Stephen Burns playing Dixon was an actor and died in 1990.
  46. In "The Commitment", Markie Post played Kerry. Markie's credits include The Fall Guy's Terri Shannon Michaels, Night Court's Christine Sullivan, and Hearts Afire's Georgie Anne Lahti.
  47. In "The Cupid Crisis", Terry Lester played Reed Ellis. Terry was Young and the Restless's Jack Abbott, Santa Barbara's Mason Capwell, and As The World Turns' Royce Keller
  48. In "The Final Days", Abe Vigoda played Ben Ryan and James Karen played Elliot Randolph. Abe was "Fish" in Barney Miller and his own show Fish. James Karen was in The Powers of Matthew Star.
  49. In "The Flunked and the Funked", Jack Somack guested. Jack was a regular in some minor TV series. He died in 1983.
  50. In "The Graduates", Jerry Lacy guested as The Barber. Lacy was Reverend Trask on Dark Shadows for many years, and he is married to Julia Duffy (Newhart). (thanks to Jodi Hendon for the item)
  51. In "The Gipper Caper", Herb Shriner Jr. played Mike Hammer. He is the son of Herb, also the brother of twins comedian Wil and soap star Kin (General Hospital's Scotty).
  52. In "The Kid Who Came to Dinner", Keith Mitchell played Bobby. Keith was The Waltons' Jeffrey Burton.
  53. In "The Lost Weekend", Jimmy Van Patten and Timmy Van Patten guested. Jimmy (as James) is Dick's middle son, and Timmy (Timothy) is Dick's half brother 31 years younger.
  54. In "The Return of Auntie V", Robin Williams (yes, his name was in the closing credits, unless there was another in the Actors Guild at the time!) and Wayne Northrop were in it. Robin was a Richard Pryor Show & New Laugh In reg, Mork & Mindy's Mork the Orkian, Popeye, World According to Garp, Moscow on the Hudson, Good Morning Vietnam, Dead Poet's Society, Hook's Peter Pan, Fisher King, Aladdin's big blue Genie: Jafar, Toys, Mrs. Doubtfire, Nine Months, Jumanji, Birdcage, Jack, Hamlet, Flubber, and many more to come. Wayne Northrop was Dynasty's Michael Culhane and Days of Our Lives' Roman Brady. He also played major villain Rex Stanton on Port Charles last year and is married to Lynn Herring, Lucy Coe on General Hospital and now Port Charles.
  55. In "The Return of Joe Simons", Jack Elam returned as Joe Simons.
  56. In "Trial Marriage", Don Johnson played Doug, Mary's boyfriend. Don played Det. James "Sonny" Crockett in the 80s trend-setter Miami Vice and is the star of Nash Bridges.
  57. In "Turnabout", Adrienne Barbeau played Jennifer Linden. Adrienne played Carol in Maude. Also, Don Matheson from Land of the Giants was in it.
  58. In "V is for Vivian" and several other episodes, Janis Paige played Auntie V, Tom's sister. Janis played Catherine Hackett on Trapper John, M.D. and Minx Lockridge on Santa Barbara.
  59. In "Vows", Kari Michaelsen played Lisa. Kari played Katie Kanisky in Gimme a Break.
  60. In "War Between the Bradfords", Todd Susman guested. Todd's credits include Bob Crane Show, Goodnight Beantown, & other TV bombs '75-84. Also, Henry Polic guested and his TV roles included When Things Were Rotten's the Sheriff of Nottingham and Webster's Jerry Silver. Plus, Ted Jordan was Gunsmoke's Nathan Burke.
  61. In "Welcome to Memorial Dr. Bradford", Vernee Watson played Jackie Calhoun. She played Viola in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.
  62. In "Who's On First?", Meeno Peluce guested, Meeno was a regular in Bad News Bears, Best of the West, and Voyagers, and is Solei Moon Frye's older brother.
  63. In "Women, Ducks and the Domino Theory", Charlene Tilton played Wendy Springer. Charlene played Lucy Ewing Cooper in Dallas, the daughter of Gary and Valene Ewing who spun themselves off onto Knots Landing, both Lorimar shows, as does EIE, and The Waltons.
  64. In "Yes Nicholas, there is a Santa Claus", Will Geer played the "Santa" who stole Christmas from the Bradfords. Geer was Zeb Walton, the grandfather, in The Waltons. Also, Nicholas Hammond as Harold and Judy Strangis as Noreen; Judy was "Dynagirl" in "The Krofft Supershow."
  65. In "Yet Another Seven Days in February", Heather Locklear played Ingrid. Heather played many regular roles soon after such as Dynasty's Sammy Jo Dean Reece Carrington Fallmont, T.J. Hooker's Off. Stacy Sheridan, Going Places and Melrose Place's Amanda Woodward; also Tommy Lee's ex-wife and Richie Sambora's wife. In addition, Diane McBain, who played Mrs. Hall, was Daphne Dutton in Surfside Six, and Jim McKrell was a game show host turned soap actor.
  66. In "You Won't Have Nicholas to Kick Around Anymore", Jack Elam, Cliff Norton, Lucille Benson, and Ellen Travolta guested.
  67. In several episodes, Nicholas Pryor played Jeffrey Trout. Nicholas played Claire's father Chancellor Arnold on 90210 and is in the soap opera Port Charles as Victor Collins. Viewers might remember him from an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" --- (circa fall 1982) he played Royal Wilder in the episode where Almonzo's brother comes to town, keels over and dies of a heart attack and leaves Laura and her husband to raise his daughter Jenny, played by Shannen Doherty a.k.a. Brenda Walsh of BH 90210 eight years later (now a star of Charmed).
  68. In several episodes, Jeffrey Cotler played Nicholas's friend, Irving J. Moore
  69. Nicholas Hammond as Harold (ep. 'Yes, Nicholas, There is a Santa Claus (1977)')

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