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A Word From the Webmaster (March 6, 2010)

Thank you for visiting the eight is enough.com website over the past week. It is my pleasure to dispense information about the TV show Eight is Enough for the website visitor.

Also, I want to thank the seven cast members of Eight is Enough for reuniting on TV's Today Show on March 1st. What I did not expect is a flood of visitors coming to this website in large numbers that got here via means of search engine queries, or just typing in eightisenough.com to see if it even exists.

On February 28, the day I took down all of the old pages for the previous website design and showed the splash page with news about the Today Show, the website got 555 hits total. On Monday, this domain alone got 14,422 hits. My website cluster (with sandiegoradiones.com, davesfunstuff.com, and radio.davesfunstuff.com) got a combined total of over 32,000 hits, meaning that many new visitors decided to check out my other websites and sections when they left the eightisenough.com domain.

March 2nd got 10,378 hits for eightisenough.com, and March 3rd got 2,485 hits. Total since Sunday: 27,840 hits.

March 4th's numbers and beyond are expected to return to average visitor hit numbers in the hundreds. It was 1,162 hits that day.

During the flood of visitors and e-mails (numbering in the 100s), I was getting either questions on when Eight is Enough would be on video, when the screencaps would be uploaded, when the links would go up, if I had any shows to dub to tape or DVD, etc.

During Monday and Tuesday, I have two full time jobs taking up most of the night, plus a daily radio blog to maintain at sdn.davesfunstuff.com and a podcast producer job, so I had to wait until everything wound down before I got a chance to answer some e-mails and get the links and pictures up on Wednesday (as working on restoring the sections for three of the Eight is Enough actress pages, Susan Richardson's section got 3,000 hits since Monday alone!)

To answer some e-mails: Dick Van Patten on the On Screen and Beyond said that the show isn't on video (it was finally released on DVD in 2012) but should be since it would be very successful in sales. I cannot dub any of my VHS copies of Eight is Enough because, obviously, it's piracy, and I just don't have the time with my jobs taking up important time needed. And no, I don't have an answer why none of the seven cast members of Today even mentioned Susan on the show, although some show clips of her were seen.

Coming soon, there are plans to launch a section for Betty Buckley, and we're seriously considering sections for Lani O'Grady, Willie Aames, Dick Van Patten, and Ralph Macchio. They, like the Susan, Connie Needham, and Dianne Kay sections we've recently opened, are pages duplicated from the main EiE section.

Also, we're working on adding more TV show sections dedicated to other TV shows. We're fervently looking for show episode guides to add to the website. Please contribue if you have any ideas and material.

I also want to thank many people for sending in the screencaps of the Today Show for posting on the site, as well as links to stories as they came along including one e-mail that showed me how to embed the Today Show EiE clip on my website.

We also had to change the design and layout of the website due to the massive number of pages (over 300) the Eight is Enough section has alone. In the process, we overlooked several key pages many people entered the site with; the missing pages led to a redirect to the main page with the latest news and links. We noticed that on Monday, over 1,500 entered the website from a defunct page, which is restored with redirects to a choice of two pages to enter.

Also, aside of this website, I am also busy producing radio shows for the Internet. One is called the "I Still Get Demented" radio show heard on radio.davesfunstuff.com and it features a mix of novelty and comedy material. My podcast is called "The David Tanny Show", a mixture of podsafe comedy and talk features. I also produce comedy and novelty songs and sketches. Check them out on my soundclick.com website

Thanks for visiting, and please don't forget to make a donation with the "Donate a Buck" link at the top of every page to pay for the costs of hosting the nonprofit website.

New Website Design (March 2010)

You spoke. We listened. We made it much easier to surf around eightisenough.com and other related websites.

We're introducing the layout that's been slowly rolled out across the davesfunstuff website cluster since November of last year. Eight is Enough is the second to last section to be remodeled.

As you can see at the top of each page is a super navigation bar to take you to most of the top davesfunstuff pages around the Internet. On the left side of the section banner as well as just below it are links to many related groups within the Eight is Enough section such as pictures, videos, timelines, past news, episode guides, forum and its archives, filmographies, and more.

Gone are the fancast and AOL Eight is Enough videos because their links were broken. We spun off the Brady Bunch episode guide into its own section and it no longer appears on the Eight is Enough website; we've been planning a Brady section for over a decade and finally launched it last year.

We've also added some bonus groups such as the Newsdesk where you can get the latest news from America and the World, an Arcade room so you can play some video games, and a group dedicated to The Mulhollands, a band fronted by Sarah Jeanette featuring videos and links to their myspace pages.

And that's not all. The green links just below the group links are links to the forum, Betty Buckley's website, some known twitter links to Betty and Ralph, and Sarah's Myspace page.

This page may not work in Microsoft Windows Exploder, er, I mean Explorer. My websites were not designed to work with Explorer, in fact, you should avoid Explorer due to serious security issues. Instead, use Opera, Firefox, or some other browser that's not tied to the Windows operating system for best results.

Needless to say, we finally got rid of the Navimate bar as its use on a site this size was so limited, we once had to divide the Eight is Enough section into three sections. Not anymore. Just hover your mouse over a group, click it, then see what related pages are linked from that click. Click the page you want, or just roll your mouse away until it disappears, then click another.

Also, eightisenough.com is finally incorporated into the Dave's Fun TV group that we started in 2007 beginning with the Sabrina the Teenage Witch section we first opened in January of 2007 and growing from there on. Check out the Mega Sections part on the left hand column (scroll up and down until you see it) for more TV mega sections we've been busy building and remodeling over the past three years.

Enjoy the new design.

E-Mail: What a Disaster! (March 12, 2010)

From Rich: Really? This is the *redesigned* EIE site? I'd hate to see what the original must have looked like. Seriously - what a disaster.
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