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Season 4p2

Eight is Enough Season 4

Eight is Enough Season Four 1979 - 1980

Dates are mostly from memory, but can be off a week or two. Firstrun dates usually follow a pattern of Sep-Dec, then 2-week reruns in late Dec, then firstruns Jan-early Mar, reruns, then May firstruns. If you know of actual dates or have other stuff to add, please let me know By E-mail and I'll put them in. Thank you. One original episode aired in August 1977, though my memory is fuzzy in remembering the date.

#77 Mary, He's Married

  • Joannie tries to convince her boss that she is ready for more responsibility at work. Joannie wants to do a documentary on her family.
  • Mary learns that being an adult can be painful when she falls for a resident at the hospital who is unavailable.
  • Eager to earn extra money, Nicholas sells guaca dew, a wrinkle remover, door to door.

    Original Air Date: Dec 12, 1979

    Guests: Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle, Squire Fridell as Pete Berkus, ***Peter Horton*** as Marty, ***Nicholas Pryor*** as Mr. Trout, Johnny Haymre as deliveryman, Reed Birney as Steven, Ina Gould as Mrs. Perry, Arline Anderson as woman

    #78 My Son, the Prom Queen

  • Upset that an all girl band was chosen to play at prom, Tommy protests by running for prom queen.
  • Joannie pushes her boss for some on-camera work.

    Original Air Date: Jan 9, 1980

    Guests: Joan Prather as Janet, Colin Hamilton as Rankin Manheim, Michael Goodrow as Ernie, ***Amy Gibson*** as Charlotte, ***James Karen*** as Elliott Randolph, ***Nicholas Pryor*** as Jeffrey Trout, Michael Griswold as Mr. Gillette, ***Melody Thomas*** as Hostess, Susan Burman as Secretary, Heather Totten as Blythe, Richard Caine as TV Director, Lachelle Chamberlain as Anne, Tony O'Dell as Jeff, Brian Henskovitz as Scott, Tom Dunlop as Friend, Kimberly Cameron as Cindy

    #79 The Courage to Be

  • Tom is upset that everyone is neglecting their household duties so Abby and the kids pool their resources to hire a maid.
  • Tommy tries to help his friend Ernie, who won't admit he has an alcoholic problem. They split-up over this and Bradford steps in to help.
  • Nicholas and Marvin try to get into the Book of World Records.

    Original Air Date: Jan 16, 1980

    Guests: Joan Prather as Janet, Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle, Michael Goodrow as Ernie, Stanley Grover as Mr. Fields, K.C. Martel as Marvin, Philip Levien as Gene Ruggles, Karin Mary Shea as Miss Kilpatrick, Nedra Volz as Mrs. Yaterman, Nora Denney as Mrs. Shelley, Melinda Moreno as woman, Stacy Baldwin as girl, Tony O'Dell as band member #1, Steve Alterman as band member #2

    #80 Semi-Centennial Bradford

  • Abby tries to cheer Tom up on his 50th birthday.
  • Tom feels the pressure of teh youth movement at work and believes that the Register wants to replace him with a younger columnist.
  • Merle and Susan try to pick names for their baby. Nicholas is helping Merle come up with a name for the new baby.

    Original Air Date: Jan 23, 1980

    Guests: Joan Prather as Janet, Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle, ***John Crawford*** as Paul Armstrong, Michael Sullivan as Hank Sullivan, ***James Karen*** as Elliot, Mark Harrison as Floyd Wakley, Dick Christie as salesman, Jennifer Darling as Donna, Michael Thoma as Dr. Maxwell

    #81 The Commitment

  • Tommy is upset when Jill's idea of a commitment is not the same as his and then misinterprets signals from Mary's friend, Kerry, and gets deeper into trouble.
  • Tommy presents Jill with a class ring.
  • Abby and the girls plan a surprise baby shower for Susan.
  • Nicholas plays go-between for Marvin but ends up with the girl instead.

    Original Air Date: Jan 30, 1980

    Guests: Joan Prather as Janet, Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle, ***Markie Post*** as Kerry, Grant Wilson as Brandon, K.C. Martel as Marvin, Michael Goodrow as Ernie, Michele Greene as Jill, Kimberly Woodward as Darla, Kathryn Finley as Saleswoman, Enid Kent as pregnant lady

    #82 Seven More Days in February

  • It's winter break and Joannie, Nancy, and Mary meet strange men that drive Tom and Abby crazy.
  • Tom fixes Tommy up with his boss's niece.

    Original Air Date: Feb 6, 1980

    Guests: Joan Prather as Janet, ***Joe Regalbuto*** as Wayne, Joseph Hacker as Greg, Ray Underwood as Ken, ***Shawn Stevens*** as Jack, Carol Jones as Kati, Michael Goodrow as Ernie, ***James Karen*** as Elliot, Micki MacKenzie as Candy, Cris Capen as S.A.P. man, Eda Zahl as girl, Tom Demenkoff as boy

    #83 The Return of Joe Simons

  • Tom's new temporary secretary is overly attentive.
  • Joe Simons, the con man who helped Nicholas return from San Diego, shows up pretending to have struck it rich in the Yukon and drives the family bonkers. He claims to have found a gold mine.
  • Joannie offers to produce a TV commercial for David's construction company.

    Original Air Date: Feb 13, 1980

    Guests: ***Jack Elam*** as Joe Simons, Joan Prather as Janet, Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle, Mary Betten as Eloise, Michael Thoma as Dr. Maxwell, Michael Goodrow as Ernie

    #84 Bradford vs. Bradford

  • Ernie misreads Elizabeth's friendly gestures.
  • David is jealous that Janet is working long hours with a male colleague. Tom counsels David and Abby counsels Janet, and they end up happily together.
  • Bored with his own house and family, Nicholas has more fun playing at a friend's house but his friend has more fun at Nicholas's house.

    Original Air Date: Feb 27, 1980

    Guests: William Schriner as Barry, Thomas Callaway as Fred, Mark James as Jackson, ***Stoney Jackson*** as Darren, Bebe Drake Massey as Mrs. Andrews, Michael Goodrow as Ernie, Lindsay V. Jones as woman in bar, Pamela Bowman as hostess, Elizabeth Norman as secretary

    #85 Memories

  • Abby needs time to deal with memories of her late husband after a fellow prisoner of war shows up in Sacramento. She works out her feelings and returns to the family.
  • Nicholas goes steady for the first time, and finds going steady is not all fun when the girl is more interested in the bracelet he gives her than in him.
  • Nancy gets tired of loaning money to the other Bradford children.

    Original Air Date: Mar 5, 1980

    Guests: Joan Prather as Janet, ***Christopher Connelly*** as Paul, Elizabeth Hoy as Corrine, Sandy Balson as saleswoman, Michael Thorne as Dr. Maxwell, Tammy Taylor as Connie, Ed McCready as waiter, ***Nels Van Patten*** as bellhop

    #86 Official Positions

  • Merle recruits the girls for a charity basketball team.
  • Tom is jealous when a publisher offers to publish Abby's thesis and Tom can't get his accepted. They pool their efforts, after competitive feelings are straightened out, to co-author his book.
  • Nicholas gets his friend's mom a job helping with the book. Nicholas's friend is upset to learn that his mom works for Abby and not the other way around.

    Original Air Date: Mar 19, 1980

    Guests: Joan Prather as Janet, Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle, ***Veronica Redd*** as Mrs. Andrews, ***Stoney Jackson*** as Darren, Woody Eney as Channing Ellis, Mark James as Jackson, James Karen as Elliot, Michael Thoma as Dr. Maxwell.

    #87 A Matter of Mentors

  • Joannie gets an important assignment at work but Jeffrey believes that the boss will be expecting a favor in return. Joannie blows her chance at a big story. An experienced reporter makes her his partner and the result is an important scoop.
  • Nicholas has a problem with a bully that he can't hit back.
  • Fed up with the way that Tom divvies up the family's discretionary funds, Tommy takes over budgeting for it.

    Original Air Date: Mar 26, 1980

    Guests: Joan Prather as Janet, Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle, ***Monte Markham*** as Michael Hayes, ***Nicholas Pryor*** as Jeffrey Trout, ***Don Matheson*** as Robert Decker, Cindy Rubin as secretary, Angela Newell as Joey, Mario Machado as newscaster, Hettie Lynne Hurtes as newscaster, Eda Zahl as newscaster

    #88 Roll Over Bradford

  • Tom is upset that Tommy hasn't sent in any college applications but Tommy wants to be a musician and is not interested in college.
  • Auntie V brings her new fiance to meet the Bradfords.
  • Auntie V encourages Tommy to pursue his musical dreams. Tommy wants to be a professional musician rather than go to college. Though Tom disagrees, he still is able to encourage him, which brings them closer.

    Original Air Date: Apr 2, 1980

    Guests: ***Janis Paige*** as Auntie V, ***Dana Elcar*** as Ben, Michael Goodrow as Ernie, ***Michele Greene*** as Jill, Jeff Seymour as production assistant, Karl Held as Jerry, Edgy Lee as saleslady, Russell Shannon as delivery man

    #89 A Little Triangle

  • Nicholas starts a dog-sitting service.
  • Nancy falls in love with the 5-year-old daughter of the young widower she is dating, but doesn't fall in love with her father.
  • Ernie can't find a date for the prom.

    Original Air Date: Apr 9, 1980

    Guests: Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle, ***Larry Breeding*** as Gary, ***Keith Mitchell*** as Vincent, ***Michele Greene*** as Jill, Cyndi Bain as Tami, Rori King as Wendy, Michael Goodrow as Ernie, Ted Noose as Rex's owner, John McCafferty as Bobby

    #90 (Finally) Grad Night

  • Tom and Abby agree to let Tommy and a few friends have the house for a small party after graduation.
  • Nicholas and Irving are working on a school project when Irving gets hurt and Tommy ends up spending grad night at the hospital.
  • The party goes on without them as party crashers show up. Officers were called in to finally break up the party and Tom demands an explanation, thinking Tommy was being ignorant.

    Original Air Date: Apr 30, 1980

    Guests: Joan Prather as Janet, Brian Patrick Clarke as Merle, Michael Goodrow as Ernie, Cyndi Bain Tami, ***Michele Greene*** as Jill, Floyd Levine as Officer Dudley, Ed Griffith as Mr. Moore, Melissa Converse as Mrs. Moore, Jeff Cotler as Irving, Eric Stolz as Kurt Harper, Ed Call as Bowling man, James Parkes as Officer Callow, James Ingersoll as Cameraman, Tom Dunlop as Alvin Flecker, Aurelia Sweeney as nurse, Joshua Reynolds as crony #1, Gary Dubin as Jeff, Jimmy Ford as player, Tony O'Dell as Scott

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