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Dick Van Patten To Be Featured in Weird Al Show DVD Set (On August 15, 2006)

***** The Weird Al Show - The Complete Series (1997)
Starring: 'Weird Al' Yankovic / DVD (August 15, 2006)

Read reviews, description, details, and more!

For the first time EVER on DVD, The Weird Al Show - The Complete Series pulls together all 13 episodes in one expansive 3-DVD box set. YankovicÆs signature warped comedy, original songs, TV and movie spoofs, twisted animation and ability to attract a wonderful and motley collection of special surprise guests are what make this a treasure chest of all things Al.

TONS Of Guest Appearances, Including...
Drew Carey, Dick Clark, Dr. Demento, Stan Freberg, Teri Garr, Gilbert Gottfried, Victoria Jackson, Kevin McCarthy, Michael McKean, Bill Mumy, Patton Oswalt, Dick Van Patten, Emo Philips, Randy "Macho Man" Savage, Judy Tenuta, Fred Willard, Dweezil Zappa

And Some Guest Appearances That Are Just Plain WEIRD:
Fabio, John Tesh, Alex Trebek

With Musical Performances By:
Barenaked Ladies, Hanson, Radish, and of course, "Weird Al" Yankovic!

Suggest Eight is Enough for TV Land to Air (Mar 24, 2006)


AOL TV Now Showing Eight is Enough (Mar 16, 2006)

AOL TV has several episodes of EIE online. The pilot episode with Diana Hyland and Mark Hamill is available for viewing for free. Another actress played Nancy in that episode. The URL is http://television.aol.com/in2tv/eight_is_enough_tv.

Windows XP is required.

Betty Buckley Sighting (Feb 7, 2006)

  • Feb 7, 2006, Betty Buckley guested on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" playing Tessa's Attorney in the episode Manipulated.

    Dick Van Patten Recovering After a Stroke (Feb 2, 2006)


    Excerpt: Beloved US TV star Dick Van Patten is recovering after suffering a stroke. The 77-year-old Eight Is Enough star was taken to Cedar Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles last month after suffering a diabetic stroke, but the fun-loving actor is already bouncing back from the health crisis.

    He was recently seen playing Murph on the Jan 26, 2006 episode of "That 70's Show"

    I Can Host Your Fan Fiction (Dec 20, 2005)

    Attention authors of Earlyyears, RolePlay, NancyEie, Pre-Eie, and others, please e-mail me for permission to host your fan fiction here.

    EiE Dianne Kay Still Alive (Dec 20, 2005)

    We need to dispell some rumors regarding some people who died recently who happened to have a name that was the same as a famous actress from the past.

    Another website has listed a Dianne Kay passing away at 51 in March of 2001. The website in question can't be found by search engine methods.

    There is also another death mention about Dianne Kay Miranda, a former Pleasanton resident who died on Sep 7, 2005 at age 57. That Dianne was born on Dec 16, 1944.

    The Dianne Kay that was Nancy is still alive, being born on March 29, 1954.

    As was in both of the above cases, neither website made it clear that the deceased Dianne they were writing about was not the actress from "Eight is Enough", "Glitter", "Once a Hero," "1941", or "Reggie".

    Lani O'Grady Death Clarification (Dec 6, 2005)

    From name withheld by request:

    All sites list Lani O'Grady as having death due to a drug overdose, since an overdose is something that can be taken many different ways, let me say, that I knew Lani, and I know of the special circumstances of her death, and she died from a drug reaction, resulting in the effects of a overdose. She was prescribed Prozac and Vi-Codine, together, and when these drugs are taken together, they cause an overdose. These drugs are both build up drugs, and when they build up, the result is an overdose, this is why these drugs are never to be prescribed or taken together. This was a medical error, that these drugs were prescribed together. The family is aware, and prefers no letters on this matter from fans. However, to set the record straight, Lani died from accidental causes.

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